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DCGW Indexable PCBN Inserts coated and uncoated models both could be provided.

When you reuqire better wear reistance and better surface finish, the coated type is fitter.

BNT2 / BNT4 / BNT6 / BNT8 4 grades CBN inserts could be introduced based on the detail machining situation.


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PCBN Turning Inserts for Shift Shaft Machining

Workpiece:  Shift Shaft    Material: 20CrMnTi

Hardness: HRC58-62          Insert Grade:  BNT8

Cutting parameter: 微信图片_20190616202627.png

Vc = 83m/min   ap = 0.08mm   f = 0.05mm/r   

Compared with other CBN inserts:  

The tool life increase at least 60%! 


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