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What is the use of PCD Tools with a chipbreaker?

In general, pcd pcbn tool is a single edge continuous cutting process. If chip breaking measures are not taken, the cut products will not break naturally and will always 

be wound on the workpiece and tool. In this way, the surface quality of products can not be guaranteed, especially for some products with high surface smoothness requirements.

Moreover, the cutting tool is also easy to wear, affecting the service life and processing efficiency. The cut product wire is also prone to safety accidents.

Therefore, adding a reasonable chipbreaker on the PCD insert can not only ensure the product quality, processing efficiency, tool life, but also improve the safety of the operator.

Advantages of PCD tools chipbreaker:

1) The chip breaking shall be smooth without affecting the normal cutting;

2) Control the volume of the chips, making it easier to handle, store and transport the chips;

3) The chip shall be discharged without winding the workpiece, turning tool or causing failure of the accessory device.

Advantages of super hard PCD tools with chipbreaker :

1) Realize the application of large allowance and small allowance cutting, and can replace the imported chip breaking slot blade in more occasions;

2) The diamond tools with chipbreaker will realize the high efficiency and long service life; 

3) Effectively deal with the problems of chip entanglement and chip scratching on the workpiece surface in the automatic production line;

4)  It can make the chip removal of inner hole machining more smooth and meet the requirements of high machining surface;

5)  It can prevent tool damage, tool bar fracture and workpiece scrapping caused by unsmooth chip removal.

In particular, the super hard PCD tools with  chip breaker has excellent chip breaking performance and smooth chip removal, which can effectively improve the difficult chip removal 

of aluminum alloy in the process of fine boring, improve the service life of the blade and the surface quality of the workpiece, and ensure stable, efficient and high-quality processing.

What is the use of PCD Tools with a chipbreaker?

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