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The Introduction for Single Crystal Diamond Tools MCD CVD

According to the equipment used in different working conditions (CNC machine tools, CNC machining centers, etc.), the cutting process is different, single crystal  tools (MCD or CVD 

can be welded to different tool bodies as needed to make different cutting tools. Commonly used types of single crystal diamond tools are: natural diamond tools (single crystal tools),

single crystal diamond turning tools, single crystal milling cutters, single crystal chamfering cutters, natural diamond high-gloss cutters, single crystal ball milling cutters, etc.

1) Artificial (high temperature and high pressure synthesis) single crystal diamond SCD or MCD 

It is one of the Ib type single crystal synthetic diamonds. Nitrogen [N] is mostly dispersed or solid dissolved in the crystal. The artificial single crystal diamond is artificially synthesized as 

the name implies. It is in an oxygen-free and high temperature (above 1000°C) high pressure Synthesized in the environment, because it has the same high hardness, high wear resistance

and high thermal conductivity as diamond. Because it is a single crystal with diamond, the nature of no crystal boundaries can produce a very sharp blade quality, which is a level that other 

materials cannot reach. It has long been used in the production of ultra-precision diamond tools, polishing tools and wear-resistant components . 

The maximum size of artificial single crystal diamond is up to 8mm.

2) Artificial (CVD synthetic) single crystal diamond:

Belongs to IIa type diamond type single crystal synthetic diamond, nitrogen [N] <1 ppm, [B] <0.05 ppm, CVD synthesis single crystal diamond process environment is in the chamber of the 

mixture of hydrogen and carbon, using chemical vapor It is synthesized by deposition method (CVD).This is a high-quality single crystal diamond synthesized by ultra-high technology, 

which can be completely colorless and transparent, almost free of any impurities, has higher wear resistance and better thermal conductivity coefficient, and can make the processed parts 

have higher quality machining surface, and if the doping gas is selectively introduced during the growth process, a variety of colored diamonds can be prepared.

LINKUT can provide suitable diamond tools according to your specific requirements, such as surface finish, life requirements etc.

The Introduction for  Single Crystal Diamond Tools MCD CVD

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