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SCGN PCBN solid cbn Inserts exhibits excellent performance for the brake disc finish machining.

SCGN0903/ SCGN090408 models are supplied.

IBN100 / IBN200 / IBN400 / IBN600 / IBN 800 cbn cutting insert grades are for your choice.

For this model, IBN200 / IBN400 are the most popular grades.


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SCGN CBN Insert Finish Turning Brake Disc 

Workpiece:  Brake Disc      SCGN for brake disc machining.png

Insert Grade:  IBN400

Cutting parameter:

VC=600-900m/min ap=0.3mm,F=0.3mm/r

Compared with other CBN inserts, the tool life increased at least 25%!


LINKUT SCGN Solid CBN Inserts Model.png

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