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RCGN / RCMN Indexable PCBN Inserts with high performance for the hardened steel machining, such as the 

wind power bearing machining.

IBN100 / IBN200 / IBN400 / IBN600 / IBN800 cbn turning inserts grades are provided.


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PCBN Cutting Tools for Slewing Bearing Machining

Workpiece: Slewing Bearing               Material: 42 Cr MO4V

Hardness: HRC55-58                          Inserts Grade:  IBN200

Cutting parameter : 15606735537513349.png

Vc=90m/min   ap=0.1-0.2mm  f = 0.3mm/r

Compared with other Europe ceramic inserts:  

The efficiency increase at least 30%;   


The tool life increase at least 3 times! 


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