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Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) are sintered by high-quality diamond micropowder and 

carbide substrate under ultra-high temperature and high pressure conditions. 

They have both hardness and wear resistance of diamond and high strength&impact toughness 

of carbide. Our PDC cutters have a high wear ratio, more durable and more cost effective.


This model PDC cutter drill bit combines the advantages of both flat and spherical composite sheets to 

further improve the impact resistance of the product while maintaining wear resistance.



High hardness: the hardness of our PDC cutter insert can meet the high quality requirements of customers 

through VTL vertical machine tool test;


Strong wear resistance: uses high quality polycrystalline diamond raw materials to ensure the wear 

resistance meets customer requirements;


Lower friction factor;


High thermal conductivity;


Small expansion coefficient.


 PDC cutters are specially used for geological drilling.



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