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Silicon based thermally stable diamond polycrystals pcd die blanks use silicon as a binder to form silicon carbide 

on the carbon atoms on the surface of silicon and diamond, connecting the diamond particles and particles.

All products are manufactured with strict raw material control, scientific and reasonable proportioning design and 

stable parameter control to ensure product quality.


STB Series: Silicon High Thermal Stability polycrystalline diamond die Blanks. (Unconductive)    

Excellent wear reistance and heat resistance.

Products Features

High temperature resistance and good thermal stability (heat resistant temperature can reach 

1100 ° C);

High wear resistance, wear ratio is greater than 10×104;

The friction coefficient is extremely low, the thermal conductivity is good, and the thermal 

expansion coefficient is extremely small;

Corrosion resistance (various acids, alkalis, salts), strong oxidation resistance and light weight.


STB series Drawing die: processing and drawing ferrous metal, non-ferrous metals, making bars, 

pipes and wires;

High temperature and corrosion resistant wear parts: oil nozzles, water cutting and sandblasting 

nozzles, drill bit diameters, oil seals, bearings, robot joints, etc.



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