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PCD diamond milling cutters mainly include:LINKUT PCD Milling Cutter.png

PCD (diamond) welding forming milling cutter, PCD end milling cutter, diamond end milling cutter, PCD ball end 

milling cutter, diamond ball end milling cutter, PCD face milling insert, PCD forming milling cutter, PCD taper milling 


LINKUT manufacture and provide various models of PCD milling cutters, diamond forming tools, diamond end mills, 

diamond milling blades; In addition, it can also provide other non-standard tool design, non-standard tool customization, 

non-standard tool production and application guidance of non-standard tools according to customer requirements.


The cutters of PCD milling tools use PCD blanks manufactured by world-renowned companies, including Element Six (DeBeers, E6), DI (GE), etc. The tool body parts are made of high-quality tungsten carbide.

Diamond Milling Tools Features:

PCD milling cutter has good versatility and is suitable for batch processing;

The cutting tools are sharp and the processing efficiency is high;

Better wear resistance and longer tool life, thereby reducing production costs;

Higher turning quality and higher processing safety.

LINKUT diamond milling tool.png


PCD milling tools are used to process workpieces of various materials, including copper, aluminum, copper alloys, aluminum alloys and composite materials. It can be used to process cast aluminum alloy engine casings.

LINKUT pcd milling tool application.png


LINKUT manufacture and provide various specifications of diamond pcd milling tools according to customer needs.

LINKUT PCD Milling Cutter Model.png

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