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Mono crystal diamond (MCD or SCD) tools (such as chamfering and milling cutter) are currently the main 微信图片_20200719120819.png

cutting tools in the field of ultra-precision machining. It can realize mirror processing, and can process 

extremely high workpiece accuracy and extremely low surface roughness. The cutting effect is very bright, 

and it is recognized and ideal ultra-precision machining tool.The products processed by LINKUT are free 

of burrs and have high surface finish.


LINKUT Diamond Polishing Tools (CNC machine tool) Advantages:

Provides a superior surface finish when used in high-end, rigid CNC machines.

Features of diamond chamfering cutters:

Strong stability;

High mirror finish and smooth chipping, which can effectively reduce cutting resistance and improve processing efficiency and tool life;

Could be reground. The tool materials are screened according to industry standards to ensure that the quality of the tool does not need to be changed when it is worn.

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Application fields of  MCD Single Crystal Diamond Tools:

Optical industry: such as optical lens, (a) spherical lens, optical glass, optical mold core, reflector, etc.;

Printing industry: roller mold;

Automobile industry: night driving optical system, projection lamp, aluminum alloy wheels, etc.;

3C industry: mobile phone external mirror/button mirror/flashlight external mirror, computer hard disk substrate, etc.;

Electronic appliances: such as computer hard disk substrates, etc.;

National defense industry/aerospace: such as missile navigation gyros, etc.;

New materials: such as ceramics, engineering plastics, etc.;


Medical equipment: such as contact lenses, accelerator electron guns, etc.;

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