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One of the important properties of CVD diamond is that it has very high thermal conductivity. At room temperature, the thermal conductivity of diamond is five times

that of copper. At the same time, it is an excellent insulating material, so diamond film can be used to make electrical heatsink material of high power optoelectronic 

components. The thermal conductivity of LINKUT CVD diamond can reach 1200-2000W/m.K. One side or 2 sides polishing service are provided.

thermal grade CVD.png


Our CVD diamond film heat sink CVDT series products can be accurately machined and metallized to meet a variety of 

thermal applications.


Excellent thermal conductivity;

Large area heat sink can be prepared;

Electrical insulation;

Chemically inert;

Low heat capacity;

Desirable metallization layers.

CVD diamond for thermal management1.jpg


The main applications of thermal grade CVD diamond are as follows:

High power semiconductor diode laser;

Heat sink (heat sink) of diode laser array;

Satellite heat expansion plate. 

It is mainly used in optical communication (optical transceiver) and military. At present, the output power of high-power 

diode laser array has reached more than 1 kW. It will be widely used not only in military but also in civil technology in the 

future (such as laser processing).


CVD Diamond for Thermal Management.png

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