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LINKUT innovative polycrystalline diamond is wear resistant, heat resistant and electrically conductive silicon bond PCDLINKUT Diamond Anvil.png

Silicon-based thermally stable diamond polycrystals use silicon as a binder to form silicon carbide on the carbon atoms 

on the surface of silicon and diamond, connecting the diamond particles and particles.

All products are manufactured with strict raw material control, scientific and reasonable proportioning design and 

stable parameter control to ensure product quality.


CMaxSi PCD Series: Conductive Silicon Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)

EDM Cuttable Silicon PCD, which is easy for cutting.LINKUT Silicon Bond PCD.png

CMaxSi PCD Advantages:

Max Size are available: 

Diameter up to 40mm;  Height up to 26mm.

Easy cuttable: could cut into any size and any shape.


CMaxSi PCD Application:

High temperature and corrosion resistant wear parts: oil nozzles, water cutting and sandblasting nozzles

drill bit diameters, oil seals, bearings, robot joints, etc;  and aslo could be used for the diamond anvil of the 

multi anvil presses.

LINKUT Sintered Diamond for diamond anvil.png


CMaxSi PCD is EDM cuttable.LINKUT conductive silicon PCD.png

Maximum 40 mm diameter; Maximum 26mm height.

Any size, any shape could be customized.

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