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The Best Choice for High Manganese Steel Turning- Solid CBN Tools

Compared with cemented carbide tool, solid CBN tool for turning High Manganese Steel  can greatly improve the machining efficiency and tool life, and reduce

the production cost.

The so-called high manganese steel refers to the steel with manganese content of about 10% ~ 18%, which has good wear resistance and impact resistance. 

Therefore, it is often used in engineering to withstand greater impact or pressure of wear-resistant parts, such as quarrying, excavation, mining, casting, coal, steel 

and other industries. At the same time, the excellent performance of high manganese steel also brings difficulties to mechanical processing.

Why CBN cutting plate is the best choice for the high Mn steel turning?

1) The hardness of CBN tool is second only to diamond, and it can ensure high hardness, wear resistance and impact toughness even at high temperature.           

For example, CBN tool has both wear resistance and impact toughness when turning the high manganese steel could be with large cutting depth. It is not easy to 

appear the phenomenon of tool collapse and severe wear, and has a long service life.The PCBN tool for processing high manganese steel adopts the whole sintering 

structure, the upper and lower cutting edges can be used, the multi cutting edge design, and the dry cutting processing method is adopted to reduce the total production 

cost and ensure a good working environment.            

2) CBN tool can be applied to the workpiece with bad working condition.          

The common typical parts of high manganese steel materials include high manganese steel mortar wall, high manganese steel crushing hammer, high manganese steel 

grinding roller, high manganese steel lining plate, etc.            

High manganese steel workpieces are mostly casting parts. In the casting process, it is inevitable to have large margin or casting defects, especially for large high manganese 

steel parts.

LINKUT IBN100 solid cbn inserts such as RNMN190700, SNGN1507 with high impact toughness and good wear resistance, which can be used for roughing turning high 

manganese steel and other workpieces with a long tool life.

The Best Choice for High Manganese Steel  Turning- Solid CBN Tools

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