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How to Improve Machining Efficiency and Prolong PCBN Cutting Tool Life

In metal cutting, there is a contradiction between PCBN cutting tools and the materials of parts to be processed. New materials need updated tools and updated methods 

to achieve efficient machining. In order to cope with and adapt to the increasing number of difficult to machine materials in the mechanical field and the requirements of its 

processing performance, processing efficiency and machining accuracy, the global tool industry is constantly improving the blade material, geometric angle, coating 

technology and processing methods to meet the requirements of high-efficiency machining of difficult to process materials parts.

How to improve machining efficiency and prolong superhard tool life? Such as WNGA0804 solid cbn inserts with hole or full face cbn insert. LINKUT is committed to providing

PCBN insert with various structures to meet the needs of various machining environments. Based on our experience, the follow factors are important:

1) Adequate cooling is very effective in controlling the turning tool tip temperature.

2) Proper control of cutting force and cutting speed is also one of the most effective methods to reduce the temperature of machining area and prolong tool life.

3) For the same machine tool and parts, the processing method will greatly affect the cutting efficiency and tool life.

4) It is also an effective way to control the temperature rise. In general, a large amount of cutting heat is generated on the chip in metal processing. Effective chip breaking 

will make a large amount of cutting heat generated in the machining be taken away by the chip. Usually, we don't want to have long chips in the process. 

More attention should be paid to the processing of difficult to machine materials, especially for the rough machining process. If the rigidity of the whole processing 

system is allowed, chip breaking should be produced in the whole processing process as much as possible. 

5) It is very helpful to improve the cutting efficiency of materials and prolong the machining life of cutting tools to keep the proper and reasonable effective cutting 

parameters of cutting tools, so as to ensure the maximum cooling time of each effective machining tooth. 

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is widely used in cutting ferrous materials such as high hardness iron and steel parts due to its superior cutting performance. The development

of CBN cutting tools has greatly improved the processing efficiency, improved the product quality and reduced the production cost. 

How to Improve Machining Efficiency and Prolong PCBN Cutting Tool Life

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