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The Technological Conditions of Using Diamond CNC Tools

When the pcd tool material is made into tool, diamond cnc tool provides good conditions for  high cutting speed, high tool life, high machining accuracy and low surface 

roughness machining, especially the diamond tool for turning or milling difficult cutting materials,

The technological conditions of using PCD cutting tools:

1) PCD tools can be used in general machine tools. In precision cutting, the machine tool with high precision and small vibration should be selected.

2) When PCD tool is used for cutting, it can be either dry cutting or wet cutting. When wet cutting, use water solution or emulsion.

3) Geometric parameters of PCD Tool: γ 0 = 5 ° ~ - 10 °, back angle α 0 ≤ 15 °, the radius of arc RT of tool tip should be larger than that of cemented carbide tool, so 

as to ensure that the tool tip has enough strength and lower surface roughness of workpiece. PCD tool has high wear resistance, the cutting edge can be kept sharp for 

a long time, and the cutting force will not increase due to the small rake angle. When cutting the grinding wheel, it is better to use a round blade to make the cutting smooth 

and the grinding wheel is not easy to collapse.

4) Cutting parameters of PCD tools: due to the high hardness, wear resistance and thermal conductivity of PCD tools, the cutting speed should be several times higher than

that of cemented carbide, but the cutting temperature must be controlled below 700 ℃. 

PCD tool is the first choice for high-speed cutting all kinds of non-ferrous metals and non-metal. Its cutting speed is high, tool life is tens to hundreds of times of cemented 

carbide. The cost of cutting tools is much lower than that of cemented carbide. Because of its high hardness and good wear resistance, the cutting edge can be kept sharp 

for a long time, and the surface quality of the processed workpiece is good. Although it is a diamond, its value is low, which is one tenth of that of natural diamond.

The Technological Conditions of Using Diamond CNC Tools

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