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High Turning Efficiency of Cubic Boron Nitride CBN Inserts for Cutting Gear Shaft

For the  gear shaft turning, LINKUT Cubic Boron Nitride CBN insert has been verified by the market. Our solid cbn has the characteristics of strong versatility, good wear resistance, 

high surface finish of machined workpiece, reducing tool changing time, and greatly improving production efficiency. It has obvious advantages of replacing cemented carbide tools.

Gear shaft is a kind of mechanical parts that support rotating parts and rotate with them to transfer motion, torque or bending moment. Generally, it is in the shape of a metal rod, 

and each section can have different diameters. The rotary parts of the machine are installed on the shaft.

The machining requirements of gear shaft:

1) Gear shaft, as the main basic transmission components and consumer parts in automobile and machine tool industries, its quality directly affects the noise, stability and service 

life of automobile and machine tool.

2) Gear shaft mainly bears alternating load, impact load, shear stress and contact stress. The shaft is easy to crack and the tooth is easy to wear. Therefore, the center of the gear 

shaft is required to have certain strength and toughness, high fatigue limit and multiple impact resistance.

3) The surface of gear shaft should also have certain hardness and wear resistance. In order to obtain good service life, carburizing and quenching process is often used for gears 

and gear shafts.

4) The difficulty of gear shaft hard turning is intermittent cutting in some positions, such as small holes in the end face of gear or keyway in the inner hole, etc., high hardness and 

strong intermittent, which is easy to cause problems such as tool chipping and rapid wear.

LINKUT CBN inserts, such as PCBN inserts with dimple with high hardness, high temperature red hardness, suitable for heavy intermittent, light intermittent and continuous cutting 


 High Turning Efficiency of Cubic Boron Nitride CBN Inserts for Cutting Gear Shaft



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