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Turning Characteristics of Chilled Cast Iron Roll

When using the solid cbn inserts or  turning tool, the defects of the chilled cast iron roller itself will cause severe impact on the cutting tool, and the increase of cutting temperature 

will also aggravate the wear of the cutting tool, so it is a kind of material that is difficult to process.

1) Like wear-resistant alloy cast iron, chilled cast iron is a typical brittle and hard material with high surface hardness. In rough machinng Roll, the unit cutting force can reach 

3000mpa, and the strong impact can easily cause vibration and aggravate the tool wear.

2) The structure and size of chilled cast iron roll are relatively large, and the machining allowance is also large. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt larger cutting depth and feed rate 

when turning, and the requirements for tool strength and process system rigidity are relatively high.

3) The chilled cast iron roll has strong hardness and thermal strength, so when cutting, if the cutting plate works continuously for a long time, it will lead to high temperature of the tools,

which is easy to cause deformation of the tool body or desoldering of the welding tool, resulting in damage of the plate.

4) The surface structure of chilled cast iron roll is white, hard and brittle, so when the cutting tool is cutting in or out, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of edge collapse, which will 

damage the cutting tool or produce waste workpiece.

5) The surface machining allowance of chilled cast iron roll blank is not uniform, and there are often casting defects such as pores, impurities, sand holes, etc. when the cutting tool is 

cutting, the impact force is large, and it is easy to cause the damage of the cutting tool.

In view of the  machining characteristics of chilled cast iron roll, the cutting tool to be selected must have a series of advantages such as high hardness, high heat resistance, high wear 

resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, CBN (cubic boron nitride) cutting tool is a more suitable choice.

Turning Characteristics of Chilled Cast Iron Roll

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