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How to judge the CBN PCD Cutting Tools Wear?

CBN PCD cutting tool wear is one of the most basic problems in machining. The knowledge of tool wear can help customers extend the life of CNC tools, find problems 

in advance, and reduce machining abnormalities.

1) Look at the machining process: if there are continuous regular sparks in the machining process, it means that the superhard tool has been worn, and the tool can be 

changed in time according to the average life of the tool.

2)  Look at the color of iron chips: if the color of iron chips changes, it means that the processing temperature has changed, which means that the tool is beginning to wear.

3) Look at the shape of the iron chip: saw tooth appears on both sides of the iron chip, the iron chip curls abnormally, and the iron chip becomes finer. These phenomena 

are the judgment basis of tool wear.

4) See the brightness change of workpiece surface: the brightness decreases continuously, and the tool has been worn.

5) Processing vibration and sound change: tool wear will cause excessive cutting resistance. Pay attention to avoid "breaking", resulting in workpiece scrap.

6) Observe the load data change of the machine tool: if there is obvious enhancement change, it indicates that the tool has been worn.

7) Observe the burr change on the edge of the workpiece: when the cutter cuts out, the workpiece has serious burr and the roughness decreases.

8) Observe the size change of the workpiece: the obvious phenomenon such as the size change of the workpiece is also the standard part to judge the tool wear.

9) Tool life table (based on the number of workpieces processed): some high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises or single product mass production enterprises use it 

to guide production. This method is suitable for aerospace, steam turbine, automobile key parts such as engines and other production enterprises that process expensive 


How to judge the CBN PCD Cutting Tools Wear?

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