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The Application of PCD Tools in Composite Processing of Graphite Carbon Blocks

PCD tools are very suitable for precision machining processes, with high hardness, excellent wear resistance, and good thermal conductivity. They are suitable for high-speed cutting and are also a commonly used tool for processing graphite carbon blocks. Commonly used tools include PCD milling cutters, PCD drill , PCD boring , PCD insert, etc

Reasonable setting of processing parameters is crucial for ensuring processing quality and improving production efficiency during graphite carbon block composite processing. The main processing parameters include cutting speed, feed rate, and cutting depth.

1. Cutting speed

Cutting speed refers to the linear speed at which the tool cuts the workpiece per minute. For graphite carbon block composite machining, higher cutting speeds are generally used to improve cutting efficiency. However, excessive cutting speed can lead to tool heating, increased wear, and even tool breakage. Therefore, when selecting cutting speed, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as cutting materials, tool materials, and machining quality requirements. 

2. Feed rate

Feed rate refers to the distance the tool moves in the feed direction for each revolution of the workpiece. A reasonable feed rate can ensure the stability and quality of machining. Usually, using a lower feed rate can reduce cutting heat and improve surface quality.

3. Cutting depth

Cutting depth refers to the depth at which the tool enters the workpiece in one cut. Excessive cutting depth can increase the force and vibration on the tool, leading to an increase in machining surface roughness and even causing tool fracture. Therefore, when conducting graphite carbon block composite machining, it is necessary to set the cutting depth reasonably to ensure machining quality.

The PCD special series cutting tools produced by LINKUT improve the efficiency and quality of graphite carbon block composite processing by setting reasonable processing parameters, achieving the required machining accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece.

The Application of PCD Tools in Composite Processing of Graphite Carbon Blocks

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