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PCD Milling Cutter Is The Optimal Choice for Processing Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum alloy processing is common in the manufacturing and processing industry. However, due to the soft nature and low melting point of aluminum, when using unsuitable cutting tools to process aluminum alloy, problems such as sticking to the tool and difficulty in chip removal may occur, thereby accelerating tool wear and affecting processing quality.

At present, there are three main types of aluminum alloy milling cutters on the market:

1. Hard alloy milling cutter
The material is generally YG type hard alloy, which can reduce the chemical affinity between the cutting tool and aluminum alloy.

2. High speed steel milling cutter
High speed steel milling cutters made of high-strength aluminum are also relatively sharp and can process aluminum alloys well.

3. PCD milling cutter
LINKUT PCD tools have the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, and low friction coefficient, making them excellent tools for processing non-ferrous and non-metallic materials. They have a longer lifespan than other tools, and have excellent roughness to obtain high gloss.

Advantages of PCD Tool Processing Aluminum Alloy
When using tools such as hard alloy for low-speed machining, the chips are prone to "bonding" or adhesion with the tool, resulting in chip accumulation and poor processing quality, resulting in very low production efficiency and insufficient smoothness.

However, the sharp cutting wear of PCD milling cutter is slow, the cutting process is more stable, and it is conducive to reducing surface roughness. High speed turning of parts can achieve a mirror effect, making it an ideal tool for milling aluminum alloys at present.

The use of LINKUT PCD milling cutters to process these aluminum and aluminum alloys can meet very high technical requirements. The surface of the workpiece is smooth and free of burrs, with high production efficiency and long service life, naturally reducing processing costs and maximizing surface smoothness and tool life.

LINKUT PCD cutting tools have sharp and wear-resistant cutting edges. In aluminum alloy precision machining, their cutting force is small, and they have advantages such as large chip holding space and smooth chip removal. Therefore, PCD milling cutters are the optimal choice for processing aluminum alloy.

PCD Milling Cutter Is The Optimal Choice for Processing Aluminum Alloy.

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