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The Difference Between MCD Tools and PCD Tools

Both MCD tools and PCD tools can be used in precision CNC machining,but there are also some differences.

The main difference between MCD tools and artificial polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools lies in their manufacturing methods and performance characteristics.

Here are several key differences between them:

1Manufacturing method:

1PCD cutting tools are made of artificial polycrystalline diamond, which is a composite sheet with fixed diameter and thickness sintered from natural or artificially synthesized diamond powder and binder in a certain proportion in a high-temperature and high-pressure environment. one

2MCD cutting tools are artificial single crystal diamonds synthesized by high-temperature and high-pressure methods in an oxygen free, high-temperature and high-pressure environment.

2Performance characteristics:

1MCD tools, due to their low friction coefficient, can produce a bright mirror effect during cutting.

2PCD tools have higher hardness and longer machining life.


In certain machining processes, such as the cutting of mobile phone cover plates, MCD or PCD tools may be selected according to the actual situation.

In order to improve machining efficiency and reduce costs, some manufacturers have proposed the concept of MCD and PCD integrated composite cutting tools. This type of tool combines two types of superhard tools together to form an integrated structure. This design not only retains the high hardness and long service life of PCD tools, but also increases the bright surface treatment ability of MCD tools, providing a comprehensive solution.

The Difference Between MCD Tools and PCD Tools

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