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Slurry Pump(Impeller)Machining

RNGN Solid CBN Inserts for Impeller Pump Machining

The slurry pump is widely used in mining, electric power and other industries. The impeller is the core component of the slurry pump. Its quality is related to the service 

life of the slurry pump. Our PCBN Inserts are capable of high-speed interrupted cutting, no matter how bad the processing conditions are. 

Workpiece: Impeller  of slurry pump                           Material: Wear-resistant white cast iron

Hardness: HRC57                  Inserts Grade: IBN100            

Inserts Model: RNGN

Cutting parameter : Vc=55m/min    ap=2-3mm      f = 0.3mm/r

Compared with other CBN inserts:

The efficiency increase at least 40%; The tool life increase at least 1 time!

Slurry Pump(Impeller)Machining

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