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Cast Iron Roll Machining

RNGN CBN Inserts Turning High Nickel Chromium Roll

The Roll is a tool for plastically deforming (rolled) metal, and is an important consumable part for determining the efficiency of the rolling mill and the quality of the

rolled material. The high nickel chromium roll is a roll of steel with a high content of nickel chrome.

Workpiece: Roll               Material: High nickel chromium chilled cast iron

Hardness: HSD80           Inserts Grade: IBN100       Inserts Model: RNGN

Cutting parameter

Vc=48m/min ap=5mm f = 0.8mm/r

Compared with the foreign ceramic inserts:

The efficiency increase at least 2 times; The tool life increase at least 3 times!

Cast Iron Roll Machining

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