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Application Precautions of Single MCD Diamond Turning Tool

Single crystal diamond cutting tool is the main cutting tool in the ultra precision machining field at present. Its cutting tool generally has a mass of more than 0.1g and a minimum 

diameter length of not less than 2mm. It can realize mirror processing, and can process extremely high workpiece accuracy and extremely low surface roughness.

Precautions for different uses of MCD diamond turning tools:

1) The workpiece to be processed is oxygen-free copper;

The turning tool has the minimum wear when cutting oxygen-free copper, and the integrity of the cutting edge is kept good. The wear form is mainly the wear of the rake face. When 

the cutting environment is less oxygen or the oxygen-free cutting fluid is applied, the wear of the tool when cutting copper can be reduced.

2) The workpiece to be processed is aluminum alloy;

When diamond turning tool is cutting aluminum alloy, because aluminum and diamond have affinity and can generate carbides at any temperature, lubricant or isolation film should be 

coated on the surface of the tool when cutting aluminum to reduce the wear of the tool.

3) The workpiece to be processed is monocrystalline silicon;

When cutting monocrystalline silicon, the diamond turning tool mainly produces chemical wear and mechanical wear. The former includes oxidation reaction > graphitization and thermal 

cracking, while the latter includes micro cleavage fracture and wear of diamond crystal. Therefore, monocrystalline silicon should be cut under low temperature and low oxygen 

environment to reduce the chemical wear of the tool. In addition, small cutting depth and feed rate should be used to reduce the stress and vibration impact on the cutting edge during 

cutting, so as to reduce the wear of the tool.

Application Precautions of Single MCD Diamond Turning Tool

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