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The Common Problems for Diamond Wire Drawing Die Blank

Some problems often encountered in diamond wire drawing die, the most common problems of PCD die blanks are as follows:

1) Longitudinal cracks in the side wall

If compression deformation occurs at the early stage of processing, then longitudinal deformation may occur at the later stage of the process.

2) Wall rupture

Generally, this kind of defect mostly appears on the side wall near the corner of the square cylinder, and usually occurs near the radius of the wire drawing die. 

In the design stage of the mold, it is generally difficult to predict. That is, the inverted W-shape has a cross grid 45 ° to the drawing direction above it. The cross 

grid looks like it was crossed with a scribe needle. When looking for the cause of the wall rupture, if you don't pay attention to it, you will most likely miss it. This 

is a defect that is relatively clear and not often seen.

LINKUT with many years of professional experience for the effective maintenance and repair of diamond die, which could greatly help you reduce processing costs.

The Common Problems for Diamond Wire Drawing Die Blank

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