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Bearing Machining

PCBN Inserts Interrupted cutting Bearing

TheTurntable bearing is a kind of precision bearing that can withstand the combined load of axial load, radial load and overturning moment, and combines the 

functions of support, rotation, transmission and fixing. Our PCBN inserts for the Turntable Bearing Machining with obvious advantages.

Workpiece: Bearing                          Material: GCr15

Hardness: HRC58-64                        Insert Grade: BNT8 Coated Type

Machining Mode: Heavy Interrupted                Inserts Model: CNGA-2S         

Cutting parameter

Vc = 170m/min                ap = 0.3mm              f = 0.08mm/r

Compared with other Ceramic inserts: The tool life increase at least 12 times.

Bearing Machining

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